New Kreg Product – a Plug Cutter

Noticed this came on the market recently (at least I hope it was recently!) A plug cutter from Kreg Tool

This means you can cut plugs to fill the pockethole hole from your choice of timber species.

It looks to use an oversized guide which fits your standard jig, which will support HD, standard and micro plug cutting bits.

Not sure when this will be available in Australia – if you use pocketholes, worth keeping an eye out for this one.

3 Responses

  1. Nice,
    I have the Screw it Screws pocket hole jig, I wonder if they will be looking at adding something similar to their range. I resisted buying a pocket hole jig for many years but now I have one I find it comes in handy for all sorts of jobs around the house and in the workshop. I should have bought one years ago!

  2. We are just about to add this little guy to our E-commerce site in Canada and we ship internationally, so far the reviews back from others have been good, high quality bit that you would expect from Kreg,

  3. I have one that should be here tomorrow,(hopefully) from Canada, will let you know what I think Stu 🙂

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