Top 50 Woodworking Blogs

So after 9 1/2 years, Stu’s Shed has made it onto the feedspot list of top 50 woodworking blogs, coming in at a modest #26.  

Interesting, but a bit of a reality check is also in order.  There are about 600 facebook fans (followers) and 1075 on Twitter.  No idea how they do it, but there are others with 10s of 1000s (even up to 220000) facebook followers.

Even so, I’m not complaining – over the past few years I have not been able to afford the time to put the amount of love and attention into the blog as I was once able to do.  The frequency has certainly dropped off, with a post a day on average now being closer to a post per week.

Of course, if there had been a woodworking blog category when I started, Stu’s Shed would have been rated at #3.  More because it was only the 3rd woodworking blog out there than anything else (and #1 in the southern hemisphere)!

Still, it is here, and plodding modestly along.  Got some new projects in the pipeline, some shed rearranging underway, and some new machines planned, so there is something to check in on.

And the 10 year anniversary is getting ever closer.  10 years – that has to be a lot of prattling on!


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  1. Don’t feel bad about not posting as often, I prefer it, having not much time these days myself makes me feel better that I haven’t missed as much if I forget to check blog posts, far too many distractions online these days eating into our time anyway. The good thing is you have added heaps of content over the years and people can always search back for an old post of interested. That’s the good thing about woodworking, not much changes over the years so most of the old posts are still just as relevant today. I started a blog last year and haven’t had time to add anything to it at all! Hard enough keeping up with my website, emails, Instagram and Facebook so I’m always impressed when someone can run a blog for so long if it’s not their full time job.

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