Masters loss can be our gain

While the demise of Masters was inevitable (and I did predict it very early on, given their insane approach to how they chose to compete with Bunnings), it does provide an opportunity to grab a few bargains, before Bunnings again gets to dominate the hardware market.

I dropped in there today, as the discounts have increased to 40-70% off, and boy are the shelves emptying quickly.

I managed to get a couple of cans of Danish Oil, and while I was tempted by a few things about the place, I did take the opportunity to (finally) bite the bullet and get a new tool trolley.

My old ones (x2) were very cheap and dodgy.  Very light, and although they have kind of lasted, they are really at end of life and have been so for quite some time.  Still, not bad for $100 each at the time.

But I came across some of the last stock of the Gearwrench XL trolleys, and I just couldn’t resist getting them for 1/2 off (or there abouts).

Still, they (it is two parts that you can buy together or separate) cost a pretty penny, but it is a lot of cabinet.  Combined it weights in around 200kg.  That is empty!  Either there are bricks hidden in the bottom of it, or the whole unit is made from a good heavy grade of steel.  

So I can retire my two small units, and hopefully get to unpack some more tools as well, seeing as there are still a plethora of those that are still in boxes since I moved house.  Only been 3 years or so!

2 Responses

  1. Nice. But you really should be making them from wood 🙂
    I picked up a spare drill – Worx brand. Now have have it under my bench with the pocket hole drill bit in it ready to go (screwitscrews) when I need to quickly do a pocket hole for workshop furniture or jigs, very handy to have a few spare drills setup ready to go. I do the same with my routers (I think I have about 11 now), maybe I’m just lazy but anything to save time is a worthwhile investment in my opinion, I hate changing bits. Sales like these are a good way to get ahead. It is a shame to see it close though, I had only just got used to going there. Items like Wattyl products (I love their spray polyurethane) or good quality Bahco files, things you can’t get at Bunnings anymore. Now I’ll have to hunt around again, was good to be able to get everything I needed in one place.

  2. I picked up acouple of Mega Vices (like Superjaws). The Mega Vice III is selling for $99 but I picked up a Mega Vice II for $54 and then another for $48!

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