Hit another magic milestone today. 3 million visits to Stu’s Shed.

Not counting visitors via social media, RSS, email, YouTube etc, but ignoring that for a sec, still a great milestone.  Onward to 5 million 🙂



The Age

Made it into The Age newspaper over the weekend. One of those quick articles in the weekend magazine, featuring my Game of Thrones doorstop.

Alaskan ULU Knife

I’ve been having a go making a handle and curved chopping board for the ULU knife blank from Professional Woodwork Supplies.

While I have made knife handles before by hand, this was the first time I have integrated some CNC steps into the process, and in particular for cutting the mortises for the blade tang (or in this case, tangs).

I also used the CNC to carve out the hollow chopping board.  Takes about 10 minutes, so a very quick set and forget to create the shallow hollow.

Next time I will try to make a much thicker board, with a deep hollow.

Timber is Camphor Laurel, and the same piece was used for both the board and the handles.  The next one will be made from some of the Gidgee I picked up at the wood show.

Finished with Foodsafe Plus oil from Ubeaut.

Content Thief Update

So at this stage, both WordPress and Tumblr have treated the matter promptly, and recognised the websites for what they were, and have taken them down.
Unfortunately Google is less inclined to do so, and only takes down the individual posts that are identified, one by one.  It means that every post I make, I will have to also issue another DMCA notice to Google to have the auto-copied post deleted.  A bit disappointing, you’d expect Google to be more proactive than that.

Alternion has not done anything about the DMCA notice that was issued to date.

Content thief

Despite being on the web for many years, it has been surprisingly rare for anyone to actually take any of my content and reuse it as their own, at least that I have come across.

So a note to Antonio M. Isler, stop it.  DMCA notices have been issued for most of your sites, and I will track the remainder down.

Update: the thieving prick has got it set up to automatically steal and repost my content (as I suspected), so now all his remaining sites have this post at the top, declaring him a content thief.

While some sites (such as WordPress) take the entire site down in the face of such blatent theft, others (such as Google / Blogspot) only take down the actual posts complained about.  Time they dealt properly with DMCA abusers.

Wood Show – Dunstone Design

At the TWWWS, just watching Evan from Dunstone Design’s presentation on the development of their stool design, that has resulted in the Beta Stool design, and kit set.

Waterfall stool (also featured in Aust Wood Review)

Wave stool

Beta Stool Kit with wave-style seat.

While there were plenty of tips and techniques covered (briefly), the one thing that Evan wanted to drill into people is allowing for timber movement.

There was also some very interesting points about designing for strength, and how a good design actually increases joint strength with load.

Some more detailed views of the Waterfall Stool

Beta Stool Kit

Bow Sander

Beta Stool Kit – Dunstone Design

A year or so ago, I got to visit Dunstone Design’s workshop, and had a chance to really get a taste of their design concepts, and approaches to the production of fine furniture.

As a woodworker, I am less inclined to purchase someone else’s finished product, as I really enjoy making things myself, and this is where Dunstone Design’s furniture kits come into their own.

Now even if you are much less experienced than the artisans at DD, you can still produce one or their chairs, or now, one of their stools by purchasing a kitset.

They have had their chair kit out for a while

And there is now a kit available for one of their Beta Stools.

It comes with a full set of instructions (about 30 pages of them!)

If you happen to be in Melbourne this weekend, it is even easier to get hold of one of these kits, as Dunstone Design will be at the Melbourne Working with Wood Show this weekend at the Caulfield Raceway.

Check out the MacFarlane Bowsander while you are there too

It was created by Dunstone Design to solve a particular sanding problem in their workshop while making chairs, but has proven to be a runaway success and very popular once they made some available for sale.

Dunstone Design’s website can be found here.

Drilling down

The saga of my drill press continues.

For years, I have had a full height drill press – Woodman series, that I purchased pretty early on in the scheme of things, making the best decisions that I could at the time.  That is to say in hindsight, I have been a bit disappointed in it from the start.

I tried many different ways to deal with the shortcomings – different table tops



(the second was very interesting, but WAY too heavy!)

different chucks, but what began the end-game was when one of the capacitors blew.  That was back in May 2014, and somehow I have been dealing without one ever since.


Can’t exactly remember the timing, but either late last year/earlier this year I finally got around to trying to fix the motor, replacing the failed capacitor with another.  Seemed to work, and a few 5 second runs seemed to show it was back to being functional.  Still, after having it out of action for so long, I’d learned to work without it, so it didn’t get used.

I finally needed to on the weekend – a small hole with a forstner bit.  3/4 of the way down (20mm or so), and the motor on the drill press was smoking more than the workpiece!  Soon thereafter, and the motor ground to a halt, and this time it will be permanent (at least as far as I am concerned).

So it was off to the store once-known as Masters (now in liquidation), and picked up a bench-top drill press a couple of friends have also purchased, and have been pleased with.


Got it for 10% off (liquidator’s price), then an additional 5% with my soon-t0-be defunct Masters trade card.  Cost about $350.

That will keep me going at least until the Nova Voyager drill press is finally available from Teknatool.

Can’t wait!!

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