Rambutso Island

Face it, we are pretty spoiled with the opportunities we have here in Australia. Looking past the fundamentals of shelter, food, health, we can also take a drive down the road to a local woodworking shop and buy pretty much anything under the sun.  We can also head to a furniture shop (or Ikea) and pick up anything that tickles our fancy.

Not everywhere in the world affords its citizens the same opportunities, but in some cases there are some special people bringing the tools and skills to the locals to be able to make their own.

Our friend, and woodworking legend Richard Vaughan is doing just that on Rambutso Island.  Taking a stack of donated tools with him, he is running fundamental furniture making courses for the locals.

He is returning later this year to do it all again, but he needs our help.

He needs donated tools to take with him.  They obviously need to be hand tools- a power tool is pretty useless if there isn’t any electricity!

Basically he is in need of hand tools in working condition, mainly;

· carving tools (very needed),

· clamps,

· sharpening stones, both flat and slipstones

· hand driven grinders,

· hacksaw blades,

· bits for braces, especially 20mm and larger for the mortices.

· triangular files for saw sharpening

· files for chainsaw sharpening.

· gal nails from 30 to 65 mm

If you have anything that would help out, know that it is going to a great cause.

Richard has arranged to get all the tools from his place to Rambutso Island, but the tools do need to be sent to him with donors bearing the cost of postage.

If you have any handtools you are willing to donate, please send them to

7/16 Spine St, Sumner Park Qld. 4074, by September 7th.

To read about Richard’s last trip, there was an article in the last issue of Australian Wood Review.


Every bit helps!

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