Panel Saw

Had a ‘new’ panel saw turn up over the weekend.  It is a Safety Speed Manufacturing branded H5 saw, made in USA.

Their website lists it as being around $A3500, although in this case the saw is well used (second hand), and doesn’t have the motor or blade any more, nor the counterweight.  (In Australia, it is listed as $A7300.  Does it seriously cost that much to land it from the USA?  In saying that, it makes my $100 investment about the best bargain I have ever done!)


In saying that, it is otherwise complete, and includes an aftermarket dust trap.  Adding a counterweight will be easy, as will mounting a saw to it.  So not bad at all for $100!  It is an ex-Bunnings saw, and came from the demise of the Woodworking Warehouse.

A mate with a truck dropped it off yesterday (thanks Dennis!)  It weights a tonne (actually 135kg)

The saw can cut panels up to 1600 wide, and can be orientated to also do a rip cut.  Additionally, the saw can be replaced with a router, and although I probably won’t, it is an interesting idea.

It is a bit of a monster to fit in, but I have it across the roller door, so that may be ok.  It is partially blocking the outfeed of the tablesaw, but only for large cuts, and well, large cuts are probably better done on this panelsaw now anyway!

Like everything, I’ll juggle it around until I get a good fit.  Hmm- wonder if it can double up to be a mount for the Frontline clamps…….  Not bad for $100 anyway!

7 Responses

  1. What happened to WWWH?

  2. Stu, you’re going to need a bigger shed.

  3. A hundred. Must have been the first time in history the words “I’ll take it” broke the sound barrier! Gotta love a bargain like that. Gregory machinery sell them new for over 6k, having to find a saw isn’t much of a hardship. I’m sure if you’ve got an original Triton laying around it’d do nicely.

  4. If you need a motor still have about 5 to suit SSC H5
    contact Dean 0400977123
    we have taken over the Laguna product and others in Victoria and will have the shop up and running in November

    • Thanks Dean, will keep it in mind. Do you also have other spares, such as the counterbalance?

      • Have most spares including counter balance but bit pricy on them I normaly convert them with a weight over the top going down the back as ssc do with the new 7000 series

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