Chopstick Master

Big fan of Bridge City Tool Works.  Wish I could afford more of their amazing gear.  I do have their Kerfmaker, which I have used on a few jobs, and had perfect joints as a result.

They also make the Chopstick Master – yes, it seems a bit of a niche tool, but the quality of the tool they make for this purpose is second to noone.

Here is a video by BCTW of their Chopstick Master in action.  This is the 1st gen version, they are in the process of releasing version 2, which does not use a sawblade to create the end finial, but instead uses the supplied plane for all the steps.

Version 2 – crating the finial with the plane

The original video, describing how the Chopstick Master can into existence.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this. Yet another awesome toolkit that I have to convince myself not to buy… That device looks really nice, but $195 at makes me consider whether I should make a jig to do that myself. Though Bridge City actually does seem to sell similar mini block planes for more than the chopstick kit!

    • It is the same plane that they sell for about $250, which is one of the tempting things of this kit.

      I’ve pre-ordered one of the V2 kits – couldn’t resist

      • Let us know what you think of the kit! In the interim here’s “Making a Tapering Jig with Paul Sellers”, which could be adjusted to making chopsticks.

  2. […] how does it work?  You can certainly watch the videos from my original post, and I would really encourage you to read the story about the process that resulted in the […]

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