Chopstick Master

Big fan of Bridge City Tool Works.  Wish I could afford more of their amazing gear.  I do have their Kerfmaker, which I have used on a few jobs, and had perfect joints as a result.

They also make the Chopstick Master – yes, it seems a bit of a niche tool, but the quality of the tool they make for this purpose is second to noone.

Here is a video by BCTW of their Chopstick Master in action.  This is the 1st gen version, they are in the process of releasing version 2, which does not use a sawblade to create the end finial, but instead uses the supplied plane for all the steps.

Version 2 – crating the finial with the plane

The original video, describing how the Chopstick Master can into existence.

1.5mm MDF

Does anyone know if you can get 1.5mm thick MDF in Australia? 


Custom Jigsaws

Xmas in July work function. Each table had a task to complete an MDF jigsaw I had made with a couple of verses from various Xmas carols. Went over well, and was fun to watch! Even though the pieces are large, it was a bit of a challenge.
I’ve since taken this concept and come up with a jigsaw range that have an engraved image that kids can then colour to produce their own unique, custom jigsaw puzzle.
I had them at the markets this past weekend, but I think they were not clear enough about what they were to get any sales. I think the concept is good, just need to work on the marketing!  
They would be great as corporate icebreakers, party games, let alone as school holiday entertainment.

Bayside & Peninsula Design Market

The Toymaker display at the Bayside & Peninsula Design Market this past Saturday. Great market- lots to see (& buy), and lots of customers. Time flew by. Looking forward to the next one in September


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