Vale Neil Scobie

I met Neil quite a few years ago, like many, through the wood shows and was amazed with the work he produced, and that produced in tandem with his wife Liz.

I helped them out at one stage converting some of his videos so excerpts could be loaded onto YouTube, and got some copies of his amazing videos for the work.

So it is sad news indeed that at a very young 63, we have lost the incredible talent of this amazing woodworker and teacher.

While his erosion bowl and waveforms a well-recognised feature of his work, he produced many other beautiful pieces, from traditional furniture with intricate detail, to turned work and carvings.

You can see more of the work of this amazing Australian at

My previous articles on Neil can be found here and here

My condolences to his wife Liz, and family.

Please note, all images used in this article are copyright to Neil and Liz Scobie, and are used here by permission.

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  1. Amazing work, sorry to hear of his passing.

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