Coming to America……take 2

Off on a bit of an excursion with the family, so sorry, but posts will be a bit haphazard for a while!

I’ll bring you any interesting shed or wood related content as I come across it

Needs no explanation – fits perfectly into the theme of the post!

Ok, this one doesn’t.  But they are Mickey Mouse pancakes! 

Thank goodness my shed is not in California!  
Wookie love.  Just because


Petrified wood table  
Wood bed back

If this rates as a tree, then all the Lego is fair game!

Vacuum Systainer

An interesting concept- Festool now have a vacuum that is inside one of their systainers. Makes for an interesting option, especially in space-limited situations, or when needing real portability.

  • Power consumption : 1000 W
  • Max. vacuum : 20000 Pa
  • Filter surface area : 5357 cm²
  • Rubber-insulated mains cable : 5 m
  • Container/Filter bag capacity : 4.5/3.5 l
  • Dimension (L x W x H) : 396 x 296 x 270 mm
  • Maximum wattage of connected tool : 1200 W
  • Volume flow : 3000 l/min
  • Weight : 6.9 kg

Called the Mini Extractor, or CTL SYS

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.59.25 amScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.58.59 am

Blast from the Past – Cool Tools

Came across the video from when I headed over to Denver to appear on Cool Tools, demonstrating the Torque Workcentre.  Wasn’t that long ago in years, but it was a lot of grey hairs ago that is for sure!

Finished Product


Science Project

Had a bit of fun tonight, helping my daughter with her science project.  We made an Orrery, and it was surprisingly easy (well, especially when you have a CNC router at your disposal!)

It is a basic design, very similar to one we found online.  Although the Earth spins as it moves around the sun, and the moon spins around Earth, the two are directly linked, so the timing of each orbit is the same.  I roughly played with the dimensions of the two pulleys, so the moon orbit is approximately 12 times the orbit around the sun.

Now Jess just has the hard bit to go – getting it all painted up!


The ultimate marble machine!

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