Space- the final frontier

My ‘old’ tablesaw did find a new home in the end, and with it gone, I discovered something very valuable had been trapped under it for an absolute age.  No, it wasn’t some rare coin, nor a tool that had been misplaced.

It was open space.  The absence of something being in the way, blocking up the shed any more than it needs to.

I’ve been out to the shed quite a few times since, and it still catches me by surprise that I can see a gap, that there is somewhere I can easily stand or move around.

Having space is a valuable thing.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment – realistically I have had for the past couple of years, but it has been insane for the last 6 months particularly.  Some of that has been self-inflicted, and a lot has been work related.  I have a bit of a break coming up, and at the far side of it, I have a hope that there will be some time that I can just reinvest back into the shed.

Of the things I want to achieve out there, the first is a massive tidy-up.  No so much that it is really messy (although it is), but I’ve never actually finished moving in since it was built.  There is still a lot of tools, and consumables sitting in boxes and crates, waiting to be unpacked and homes for them found.  Some need to be moved onto new homes too.  eBay or whatever.

Secondly, I need to finish the shed off (which in part is a continuation of the first point), but there are things I have changed, machines that have moved etc that have compromised their access to power, and particularly their access to dust extraction (and that also gets back to the mess that is building!)

Thirdly, the machines themselves need maintenance.  Whether it is ensuring there is no rust, the cast iron tops are polished and sealed, and importantly, that I finally set some of them up properly- retuning them for accuracy etc.  I know for a fact that one simple job that I still haven’t done is ensuring the tablesaw top is set perfectly parallel with the blade.  I know it is out, and I am able to compromise for that, but why do that?  I have the tools I need to be able to set it up very accurately, so why haven’t I?

Finally, and this is probably going to be a step further than I can achieve, but I’d like to reassess some of the machines I have.  Are they what I want to keep working with, are they suitable to my needs.  Do I really need a 15″ thicknesser, and only a 6″ jointer?  Would a combo machine better suit my particular requirements (and save on the footprint as well)?  I tend not to like limiting capacity, but on the other hand, I cannot remember the last time that I tried to run something that tested the width capabilities of the thicknesser.  I have regularly run into the limit of the jointer on the other hand.  If I had a better (and larger) drum sander, that might well result in the best combination for what I need in my workshop.

So that’s a bit of homework for me for the shed.  It just needs one other particularly limited resource: time!

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