MagSwitch 2016

Just finished reading through the 2016 catalogue for MagSwitch, and thought others here might be interested in having a read.

Some very cool things being done in the metal fabrication industry (in addition to where MagSwitch started, around woodworking).

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.31.08 pm


One Response

  1. Magman here,

    WOW, how things have changed in the land of Magswitch!!! Amazing how they have grown since invented in the back of Wauchope NSW.

    I really miss doing all of the trade shows with you Stuart and Tony, and really great to see that you are still into all things wood!!

    Would love to catch up at some point and see if you are interested in doing a session in regards to Air Fittings and working safely??

    Hope to talk soon on the same phone number when I was, and always will be Magman!!!


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