Pocket Hole Madness

I probably saw the ad a while back, but was reminded of it seeing it again on TV in the last day or so: a product called “The Removator Join-a-Jig”, that not only looks to be a direct competitor for the Kreg Pocket Hole system, but in many (many) aspects a direct copy.

So I am a little confused – is this a product that Kreg has allowed to use their designs for, do they get royalties (or something) for the Join-a-Jig, or is it a direct rip off?

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.11.17 pm

What I can see is the method for setting different material thicknesses is the same (in concept at least), as is the method for setting the depth the drill bit operates.  It uses the same style of dual diameter drill bit (with a pilot hole tip) etc.

I know (at least I have been informed) that Triton (for example) let the patent slip on the SuperJaws while it was owned by GMC, which is why there are so many companies out there making SuperJaws look-alikes.  Did the same happen for the pocket-hole jig?

If you are intrigued by this over the Kreg system, and its $200 or so price tag……

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.21.10 pm

And read the various reviews that are out there.  They are not exactly positive.

Not to mention the bloody awful infomercial advertising they use!

2 Responses

  1. They were at the Melbourne timber show.
    I got a Kreg K5.

  2. I guess the jigs make it easier, but pocket hole joinery has been around a long time. Some of the furniture my grandfather built in the 1940’s used pocket hole with dowel rather than screws. I suppose that is more of an angled loose tenon joint, but the principle is much the same.

    Given the differences between these pocket hole jigs and dowelling jigs are quite minor, I wonder just how much patent protection Kreg really have. The price of the Kreg jigs is a bit mind boggling too – a K4 kit costs as much as the precision bandsaw fence! That has put me off them more than anything. Pretty hard to justify any more than the mini jig kit when the rest can be made in the workshop for half the cost.

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