Market Madness

Been busy with the CNC over the Xmas break, making a number of different models from MakeCNC.  Some I’ve made more of, and have been taking them to a few markets, which is permissable under the copyright restrictions of the plans.  Check their site for more detail if you are planning to make multiple copies of the plans yourself.

Some markets have gone pretty well – reasonable turnout and sales, some, well, less so.

The models are certainly a head-turner.  It is just a matter of getting the pricing right.  I think I have them resonably right, and have done some work with a friend on working out gross profit and overhead costs to have an idea just how well I am travelling.  If you don’t do this, you can really run the risk of undercharging for your work, and that is before factoring in any hourly rates.

For the markets, I really can’t be thinking about hourly rates – the sale price of each model would be blown out of the water if I did.

Today’s was a shocker – there were so few people coming to the market in Pakenham.  I would have thought that by mid Jan most people would be back from holidays, but it was dead.  Experience would have been useful to know that it wasn’t worth attending at this time of year, but I haven’t been doing this long enough.  You’d think the organisers would have though, and just wouldn’t schedule markets at such dead periods, or would at least charge a lot less for the stall or something to offset the overhead cost.

Today’s market was the first where I didn’t even break even.

I am working on some additional social media approaches to the market space, with a Facebook page and a market-specific website in progress.  More details when it is a bit further developed.

A CNC may not be a licence to print money, but it sure attracts business.  It is a rare market where there isn’t some other anciliary opportunities that don’t present themselves, it is a matter of being open to them (and in a position to do something about it).   Hmmm – need laser!!

Think I have the display down to a reasonable system now – the first market (well, school fete) last October was quite chaotic in comparison.  I can get the current setup up, and stocked (including unloading from the car) in around 20 minutes.


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