Happy New Year!

Yes, slightly belated, best intentions and all that!

2015 was a bit of a crazy year for me, and not really in a good way, but I’m hoping that 2016 will prove to be an improvement.  I am also hoping that I was able to learn some things from how 2015 went to help ensure that this year is more controllable.  Not that anything particularly bad happened in 2015, just looking to 2016 to be a better one.

I’m not into new year resolutions – why set yourself up for failure?  Last one I set, and kept, was in 1984, where I decided to read the whole of 1984 (Orwell) before I went to bed.  So I did, and for probably the first, and last time I actually managed to set a resolution, and stick at it!

I do want to do more with the blog this year than I managed in the last – coming up to the 9th year of the blog in June.  So about 18 months off a decade of Stu’s Shed – who’d thunk it?

2 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you regarding setting NY resolutions .In fact I am setting a resolution today (and most days) Not sure what it is yet but will probably be along the lines of procrastination!

  2. New year resolutions are such a battle. Always seems to be conflict between my resolution to buy better quality tools and my wife’s resolution to stop me buying more tools! Then there is the problem of the first working with wood show for Newcastle, and Trend taking orders for timber which they’ll bring to the show saving freight costs conflicting with my resolution to not overstock. So I’ll just resolve to not let these problems worry me!

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