990mm high, 1420mm wide.

Has a working lift, trolley, hoist, and the main arm rotates through 360 degrees. And that is just the 3mm version.

To the left of the crane are the 4 legs of another project in progress- an acrylic AT-AT which is going to look the bomb!

Man Glitter


Here we go again

Cranbourne market 9:30-2:30

On South Gippsland highway in Cranbourne, opposite K Mart.

Looks a good sized craft market- 50 odd stalls.  I’m definitely eyeing off the spit roast for lunch!

MagSwitch 2016

Just finished reading through the 2016 catalogue for MagSwitch, and thought others here might be interested in having a read.

Some very cool things being done in the metal fabrication industry (in addition to where MagSwitch started, around woodworking).

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.31.08 pm


Everything is Awesome!

A quick comparison between a model cut from 3mm MDF, and one made from 6mm.  While thinking that a model will be “twice as big”, actually seeing what that means in practice is another matter entirely!




A predictable outcome

If I was a Woolworths shareholder, I would have been more than a little annoyed at their somewhat questionable strategy of going head to head with Bunnings.

I’ve spoken about it a few times, such as

Rockem Sockem
Thought it was a stupid strategy, and today’s news is clear evidence why.

Guess we will watch this space, but it isn’t good from a competition perspective, or challenging Bunnings customer service.

Going…….going………and soon will be gone


Update: I wonder what this is going to mean for Triton, seeing as they finally had just managed to negotiate their way back into a large box hardware store (and Bunnings historically have not wanted to take them on again after the GMC saga)?  901 tools (aka the old GMC) that was being sold again in Masters will be without a home too, and I am sure that will be true for many products.  Not always a bad thing in the case of some brands.

Wonder if there will be a  (very large) garage sale on the horizon?

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