How the brand fades

Once upon a time, the Triton brand was all about innovation, and the items put out there were uncompromised.

The saw was awesome, huge power, heavily made, lots of adjustments.  Same with the router (at that stage only the 2400W was available).

When the drill came out with the specially designed plunge mechanism, the comments were wide-ranging, from how awesome it was, through to how much it was.  When it hit the market, it was around $322 or thereabouts.  I still remember the howls.

These days, Triton seemingly has followed GMC’s lead- find a tool available for rebadging, one that looks as chunky-futuristic as possible and wrap it in orange

Perhaps they are still impressive tools, a marvel of engineering design and build. But at these prices, and needing to be twin packaged with a glorified torch to sell it, I suspect not.

One Response

  1. Of that kit, the torch is probably the most useful of the lot! I don’t get why they need to be so big and chunky. Maybe it impresses the weekend warriors, but I went smaller with Bosch pro 10.8v cordless range and haven’t looked back. Much better for confined spaces, still have plenty of power. It’s quite astonishing the range of tools they have in the 10.8v range now, though the heated jacket is a bit over the top! The angle drill driver with swivel head is my most used tool, if it ever dies I’ll buy another no question.

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