He’s champin’ for a clampin’

For those who don’t recognise the quote, it comes from a character in Futurama, known, surprisingly enough, as Clamps. (Short for Francis X. Clampazzo).


Back in the 21st century, we still have the standard mechanical versions (no homicidal robot attached).

Given the old adage that you can never have too many clamps, it is definitely a good thing to find that there are good clamps available that don’t have to break the bank.

Timbecon have a full range of clamps now available – quick action F clamps were what I was looking for particularly.  Their range can be seen better on their website, but what I picked up were a set of 120mm throat clamps, ranging from 300mm to 1000mm in length.

Price wise – $22.50 for a 300mm clamp through to $29.90 for a 1000mm one.  Yup – under $30.

558712-QA-120300_1 copy.JPG

The price for an equivalent Bessey or Irwin is $72 (from another supplier).  So you can afford to get the number of clamps you need, not the number you can afford.

I also like the quick lever clamps they have (again Torquata brand).


558716-QLA-150_2 copy.JPG

Again around $30 (+/- depending on the size).

A wall of clamps like you see on your favourite woodworking show (or a project covered in clamps during a glueup) is now a lot more affordable!


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