Black Friday

Over in the US (and seen on many websites around the place if they are US based), you will find reference to this phenomenon called “Black Friday”, which is the day after Thanksgiving.

While it may not necessarily seem relevant to those in other places around the world, it still presents an opportunity to pick up some online discounts, especially from those companies who sell items that are digitally distributed.

One such company I have been doing quite a bit with (as you may have gathered!) is

They produce plans for woodworking, and although (by their title) this is pitched at the CNC owners out there, the plans can be used on scrollsaws and bandsaws, so if you like the designs, you don’t have to feel left out.

I don’t have the specific prices, but a little bird has mentioned that they will be discounting (for the day) their Lifetime Subscription (which gives access to all their plans, and all they produce in future!), their plasma mega pack (for those lucky enough to have a CNC plasma cutter), and their Super Seven Mega Pack (which has around 150 of their plans).

They will also have some dollhouse packs, a Barbie pack, their MZST packs, an HO scale pack, a holiday pack (just in time for Xmas) and others, including buy one get one free for some items.

You’ll have to look at their website on the day (in US time) to get prices, but if you like some of the models I’ve been making (and others), this would be a pretty good time to pick some up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 5.35.22 pm

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