Processing Timber

Trees come down every day.  Be that to make way for a new house, the result of a storm, a tree that threatens coming down in an uncontrolled manner etc etc.  When you see timber lying there, going to waste, it is frustrating when you can’t do anything about it – wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily, and safely convert it into usable boards?

To get a rig that can give you this capability normally seems well out of reach, at least for occasional use, so I was rather curious when I found had a basic one for $295.  Sure, at that price you have to make your own rails from a couple of lengths of board, but if you are only going to use the rig occasionally, that may be all you need.

If you don’t want to make your own rails, you can get Logosol ones for an extra $1000 – again, it depends on how much work you are planning to do with the setup.

The Logosol website (which is Australian) has a whole range of other tools and machines for processing timber, including multisided planers and molders, bandsaw mills and complementary accessories.  A wood drying kiln would be very handy if you are processing a lot of recently felled timber – you could set up quite the production house with the range of machines Logosol has.

Interesting to check out what is available in general, but definitely have a close look at the Timberjig.  Particularly for the price, it is very interesting indeed.

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