Big Boys Toys

Headed over to Auckland for the Big Boys Toys show, and boy, was it busy.  Excavators doing skill tests, cars and motorbikes doing stunts, a whole pavillion of cross-fit, another of motorcycles and custom cars.

The latest 2016 Lamborghini Aventador was there, as was a DeLorean  

What I was there for specifically was The Shed hall, run by The Shed magazine.  It had Carbatec, Machinery Warehouse (aka Hare & Forbes), some wood turning, pyrography, and lots of power tools (primarily Makita, with Milkaukee & Bosch in the lifestyle pavillion).  

Not sure what Bosch were actually showing, my attention was grabbed more by the Transformer

A bit of a strange balance of stands in the lifestyle pavillion, with more smoking culture (vapor aka e-cigarettes and shoshas) and stands of various spirits than I’m used to for NZ. Perhaps the particular demographic that was targetted by the advertisers.

Back towards the Maker faire side of things, and there were a few stands promoting 3d printing and consumables, plenty of remote control aerial vehicles (some look like they could handle quite a payload), 

and steam models.

So plenty of edutainment for the day. Interesting visit!

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  1. Compared to Australia’s offerings how does this compare? Can anything be ‘lifted’ from this and inserted to the WWWS?

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