One of the regular readers (Michael) spotted a very rare beast indeed in the aisle of his local Masters store. (Thanks for sending through the pic).

This would be the first time that any of the box warehouses has had this particular item in stock for a very long time – perhaps as far back as when Bunnings refused to stock any more GMC products (which included Triton), back in August 2008.

So this is a sight for saw eyes (yes, the pun is intentional).


I’m surprised it is not the WC7 model – fresh start, fresh product.

Checking the model number, it looks to be 101956.

Been so long since I’ve seen one!  I think the fence is on the wrong side, but it is only a hazy memory these days.  Can’t imagine if things went full circle, and a demo program started again.  That’d be too funny (in an ironic kinda’ way).

Definitely brings back fond memories.  I’d even go to a demo night if one was on, just to experience it again.

4 Responses

  1. Any half decent ex-Triton demonstrator would see the fence on the wrong way! Numpties!! Your slipping Stu!

    • Ah, but I was totally decent! And as a totally decent demonstrator I know it came with two stickers you could add so the fence scale would work whether the fence was on either side of the blade 😉

  2. Yeah the fence is on the wrong side. I said to the guys there that it was not setup correctly and they said it was setup for display only. The bevel guides were also not fitted correctly.

    It is just the table, no wheels or height winder.

    I also asked about spares, they will not be stocking but should be able to arrange through special orders.

    • Of course, that makes perfect sense! Let’s set up a saw for display without getting the basics right to completely fool the uninformed customer.

      Guess we should just be happy to see one in stock at all 🙂

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