What the….?!


If you actually know what this is, don’t give it away.  Google is cheating!

For anyone else, what do you think this is?  It has a hose connection (and the green ring can move to open up a small vent).  There is a rubber seal around the bottom of the tear-drop shape.  The individual fins are movable – able to be rotated around the vac port (but are very stiff).  The fins are independent of one another – there is a bit of an air gap between them.

I know what it is now, but I had to ask.  Even the first person wearing Festool that I asked wasn’t sure.  Any guesses (or wild suggestions)?  I’ll answer any questions as well as I can (without directly giving away the answer).  Even now I know what it is, I still look at it a bit sideways, and think – that’s just a bit weird.  Probably works a treat, but weird.  Costs over $80 too.  Festool green plastic must be a very expensive colour!  Think I could 3D print one a bit cheaper. 🙂

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  1. I know what it is, but I’m wondering where you scored it from? My normal purveyor of all things Festool (Carbatec in Sydney), hasn’t had one to date. I’d also love one of their little gadgets for picking up dust at the drill bit, but haven’t seen them either…


    • It was at the wood show, on the Festool / Tool King display. I didn’t get it – it was too expensive for something I don’t specifically need.

      Of course, I will find it would have been perfect for something in a week’s time!!

      I got the drill dust extractor thing from Ideal Tools.

      • Funny how you always need something like that after you decide to pass on it – and then no-one has it in stock 🙂


  2. I reckon it’s a filter, maybe as an addition to a cyclonic separator?

    • That thought crossed my mind earlier on, but the gaps between the plastic fins are too large.

      The vacuum works with it, and not the other way around…

  3. I think you gave the game away just a bit. You mention it has a rubber seal around the bottom and you mention the vac port. I believe it is a third hand gadget, but how it works remains to be seen.

    • Think Dave has it pretty much on the money. In fact it should probably be called the “Festool 3rd Hand with Vacuum Holding Power” as its official name.

      It is (primarily) for the building industry, to hold things like one end of a level, using the vacuum to attach it to the wall, and the fins to create a captive area so it cannot slip off.

      Like a third hand vacumm attached featherboard for temporarily holding things on a wall.

      Can support up to 3kg.

  4. Think I’d rather the Gecko suction cup clamp Festool have even though it’s twice the price. At least it doesn’t require a vac attached, which on a job site means moving leads, lead stands etc around as you work, more things that need test and tag every 3 months, and can be used for other things like carrying sheet goods.

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