I don’t think there is any craft or vehicle that captured my imagination more as a child than the Voyager spacecraft.  Launched in 1977, the two identical probes were sent on a journey that to date has taken them 1.97×1010 km away from Earth, past the gas giants of the solar system and then way beyond.


There is a lot of information about them on Wikipedia these days, so if interested you can read up more there.

What I was excited about recently, is that the Voyager probe is one of the models on the website.  So I made it.

Over 200 individual parts, cut from 3mm MDF, using the 45190 1/16″ router bit from (which is still going strong).  Cut on the TorqueCNC.

It took me 2 nights to assemble the model, and a lot of hot glue (which I have been finding to be an excellent way to assemble these models).

I had my friend Kara Rasmanis take a couple of photos of the model, suspended in front of a green screen, and she has then inserted in some royalty-free backgrounds, for a truly stunning result showcasing the model from the front, and back.

Even made from 3mm MDF, it is 900mm across.

FromSpace AboveEarth

For a model, cut from MDF, that is awesome!  Currently sits in my office – when I can part with it, it will be off to my daughter’s school science classroom.

5 Responses

  1. Very very impressive Stu.👍👍👍

    Sent by Michael Dunlop


  2. Hi stu
    Is all this cnc stuff really what your blog is all about ? It never used to be . Please get real & reflect

    • So I have reflected, and looking over the last 70 posts, 20 were about CNC – about 28% of the posts.

      Seems about the typical ratio for any area I am currently exploring (and enjoying).

      I received the same criticism when I was writing a lot about turning on the lathe, and again when I was talking about Triton.

      Over the past 8 years, posts about CNC woodworking makes up about 3% of the total.

      Sorry if you don’t enjoy the current focus. While I am on a CNC kick (and even so, over 70% of the current posts are on things not CNC), the entire site is still over double the length of War and Peace – hopefully you’ll still be able to find plenty to read that is of interest that you haven’t discovered yet.

      • A very restrained and considered reply, Stuart. Gotta love the trolls who think it’s ok to ignore basic manners, rather than respect that this is *your* blog about the things that interest *you*.

        (Not expecting you to post this reply, but just wanted to lend support. If you do want to post this reply, feel free to edit out this sub-note.)

  3. super job Stu…you really make the patterns look great..thanks so much for showing them in such an amazing way and introducing people to the new world of Hobby CNC woodworking..

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