East Meets West

For many years, Timbecon was very well known as the Perth-based woodworking retail company, which also frequented the wood shows on both coasts (which is how I mainly became familiar with the brand).

As of earlier this year (as previously mentioned), Timbecon now have a store at either side of the country, with the opening of their Coburg North (Melbourne) store.  So I decided to pay it a visit.

I’m not particularly familiar with the northern suburbs, so my GPS took me right to the store front, mainly via Eastlink.

Photo 21-08-2015 10 19 23It doesn’t have a huge storefront, but I was surprised to see just how much they had fitted into the retail area.  I can’t imagine the location will remain this size forever – I see some expansion in their tea leaves!

Photo 21-08-2015 10 38 22The store has a good balance of large machines (the occasional purchases), and lots of consumables (the regular purchases – glues, finishes, sandpaper etc etc), and workshop necessities (such as clamps) (and more on them in a future post).

Photo 21-08-2015 10 40 22

Found a small bin unit at the back of the store with some cool wheels (and cheap) that will make plenty of toy projects.

Photo 21-08-2015 10 40 17 Photo 21-08-2015 10 40 12

In the heavier machine range, Timbecon have the Sherwood machines, and the first thing that struck me was that there had been a bit of a colour change, and the original bright orange has been replaced with a much more stylish burnt sienna colour, (and portions of black) and the machines look really good in this scheme.  I know the colour of a machine is the least important factor when choosing one, but it doesn’t hurt to have a good looking workshop!

The 8″ jointer looked interesting

Photo 21-08-2015 10 41 36as did a retrofittable copy attachment for a lathe

Photo 21-08-2015 11 07 24There was a lot more than this to look at, but I got distracted by everything to look at, and forgot to take many more photos!

Photo 21-08-2015 10 38 37 Photo 21-08-2015 10 39 08A very interesting ball joint for a 4″ dust extraction system – forgot to pick that one up when I was leaving – don’t have a particular use in mind, but wanted it anyway!

I was particularly interested in the dust extractors, being one of the long-term primary issues I have been having with the size of my current workshop, and something I have been wanting to deal with.

The unit I had seen on their website was there (now in the burnt sienna) – a 3HP dual bag unit for $500.

Photo 21-08-2015 10 38 12That is the one – in between the large single bag unit to the right, and the huge-looking unit behind it to the left.  After speaking with Hague (the manager), he suggested I have another look at the larger one.  For not much more, it had a significant performance boost.   I will go into a lot more detail in another post, but a quick glance:

Let’s put that into context.  This is a 3HP dust extractor, which is the same as many other dual bag collectors.  Where one well-known brand has a flow rate of around 2100 cfm (cubic feet/minute), and the ‘ultimate’ unit – the Powermatic has a flow rate of 1900 cfm (and costs about $2000), this Sherwood unit costs $900, and its flowrate is a massive 2900 cfm!  (Not sure how much pleated filters drop performance, but by their pleated design, the total area is significantly higher, so you’d hope they would provide a performance boost, rather than a decrease).

This extractor isn’t on the Timbecon website yet (there is a big upgrade happening at the moment, so expect a lot of additions over the next month or so), but there are a few of this model available in store.  Although one less than there was when I arrived!  At that price, and performance, I couldn’t resist. (And again, not meaning to pre-empt my upcoming post, but once I assembled the unit and turned it on, this unit sucked.  Big time.  But not in a bad way!

I ran out of time before I got to see everything, so will have to drop in again at some stage, but in the meantime they will be at the Timber and Working with Wood show in September, so I’ll have another gander then.

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