Lancaster Bomber

I was particularly impressed when I saw the first image of the new model from – the Lancaster Bomber.  It had lots of detail, particularly the treatment of the engines, and the flaps around the tail section.

It also completely fitted in with the other model I had recently made – the Spitfire.

I did a quick calculation of scale, and found that if the Lancaster was made from 6mm MDF and the Spitfire from 3mm, the two aircraft would be pretty close to being in-scale with each other, so that is what I set out to do.

It was a bit of a challenge to assemble – where 3mm can be encouraged together, 6mm (and larger) need to be the right size, otherwise it is too difficult to get things together.  So with a little bit of additional cutting and sanding, the model came together.  Where items need to be glued, I have found that a hot glue gun is ideal – better than PVA.


There are a few other models to make from the latest editions, including a model of a Solent Mk4 (the last Short Solent Mk4 left in the world is at MOTAT (Museum of Transport & Technology) in Auckland)

86117_1287287177Speaking of MOTAT, here is an early photo of me exploring one of the exhibits – what looks like an early F1 car (but not sure its pedigree) (Possibly a McLaren)


Back to some of the new models from MakeCNC, I also have a very complicated build to do – that of a tower crane.  Lots of parts, and a significant size, even in 3mm MDF


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  1. Stu, if you feel like busting out an extra spitty and/or lancaster, I’d really lov… I mean my lad would really love them 🙂

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