Finally available!

Came across a new source of hard-to-find tools, which although in its infancy, has already addressed a problem I’ve had for a long time.

A number of years ago, I was sent a prototype of a new magnetic latch, from MagSwitch.  It was a cupboard latch, and at the time they were still debating whether it should be an auto-latch or not – ie it can be switch off only temporarily, but would spring back to the on-state. That aspect didn’t eventuate, but the overall concept of a tiny MagSwitch did happen.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t readily available in the Australian market.  Well that is until now.


This new source is logo2

And the MagLatch is all of $17, making it quite a bit cheaper than its larger cousins.

While it is designed as cupboard hardware, there is no reason why such a small switchable magnet cannot be used in other applications, such as this cool jig:

The Woodkid only has a small niche range available so far, but I’m sure that will grow over time.

The also stock the MagSwitch Universal Featherboard for $63, which is a great price.

So finally, I can include the MagLatch into some of my projects again.  And finally, an Australian invention is again available in Australia.

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