It has been a long time coming (since October 2013) but I have finally finished the recataloguing of Shed.TV

Thought it would take a few weeks. 21 months was close……..

It was originally driven by the unexplained dropping of my channel from Blip.TV, so I started the process of transferring all the videos directly to the server.  About 16 GB of them (there are more now – another 60 since then – 7 more hours of footage).

After taking that step, I decided the indexing system needed a full revamp.  It was becoming very cumbersome and once we passed the 200 video mark, that is a lot of thumbnails that need to load.

I decided the thumbnails were not adding sufficient value to maintain them, so they were sacrificed.  The numbering system has been maintained, with two primary forms of videos.  The main episodes, which tend to be longer, are fully edited and have more effort put into them, such as multiple cameras, lighting sources etc, and shorter more basic versions, shot on one camera and uploaded directly, with little to no editing.

The first version are called episodes, and their numbering has an “ss” suffix (for Stu’s Shed). The second are the YouTube Chronicles, and have a “yt” suffix.  There is a new numbering system that has been introduced, which simply starts at 1, and continues incrementing, currently sitting at 212 videos in total. (32 hours total footage).  Around 30 GB worth.

So check it out at the tab at the top.  Hope the streamlined indexing meets with approval.

As to, they are shutting down forever next month.




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