Doing some further research into feed speeds, to see if I can do something about improving my router bit survivability.  Looking for the feed speed that isn’t too fast, or too slow.  I need the goldilocks solution.

Using a trial version of the G-Wizard from the CNC Cookbook, and it suggests (if I have entered all my variables correctly) that even at 10mm/sec, I was operating 5 times faster than what would be optimum.  It recommends 146.3 mm/min, where I was running at 600 mm/min.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.57.09 pm

If nothing else, it will be a good test of the software to see if it can lead to a more favourable (and successful) outcome.  Not exactly the cheapest software for what it does either – $US130 for 3 years (only).  I’ve only signed up for the free trial – paying for the temporary use of a product does not exactly inspire me.

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  1. Rule of thumb would be.. you need to see nice steady chips.. swirls are bad as they will bind to the cutter.. additionally different aluminium alloys require different speeds.. even if you buy two sheets from the same supplier at the same time, if they are from different batch they will behave differently..generally with aluminium cnc operation you will try to use bit of scrap area to test your cut speed before moving to the rest of the area…

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