Xmas in July part 2

While it may be a bit too organised to be preparing for Christmas, it has a horrid trick of creeping up on you, so some early prep is not a bad thing.

MakeCNC.com have a range of models suitable for a number of holidays, and of course Christmas is no exception.

While there are a number of models in their range, I found enough time to make these.

The first is Santa’s Workshop, which is rather impressive.

There are some superb features- a workbench with items in progress, overhead hooks carrying items around the workshop, items stored around the walls, including up high with ladder access and a full fireplace.

All run by Santa and 5 elves.

The second model I made is Rudolph, which is a neat little model, and has 2 sets of legs- one set for standing, one more ‘action’ oriented.

I made a couple, one in 12mm MDF, and one in 3mm which is particularly cute.

The final one I’ve assembled is an awesome snowman (and if you have young girls, you’ll find yourself humming a certain song. If you don’t know what I am referring to, count yourself lucky!)

 It is very clever, from top hat to carrot nose.  I can well imagine mounting a light (electronic candle) in it and having it as a lantern.

Other designs include a full nativity scene, Santa’s sleigh and a Christmas tree with ornaments. 

With a little added colour, these designs will really pop.

If not for Xmas in July, you can get a head start on December, along with Halloween & Easter.

As always, you are not limited to MDF (acrylic snowman would look great), nor do you need a CNC router.  The plans can be used for scrollsaw, bandsaw, laser etc.

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