Melbourne Wood Show is moving (again)

Looks like the Timber and Working with Wood Show is moving again, not only to a new home, but a new date.

It is now on in September, 11th to the 13th at the Caulfield Racetrack.   Door prices are still $16, but there is free parking.  Doesn’t clash with the AFL Grand Final, which is in October this year, and it finally manages to avoid the MotoGP at Phillip Island, which was normally the same weekend.

Of course, it does make it the same weekend as the Sandown 500, which is, to my mind, a similar demographic – perhaps with some age separation?  For some of us, that makes it a real choice: the one V8 Supercars race that is held locally in the year, or the annual wood show?  With an attendance in the vicinity of 200,000 over the weekend at the Sandown 500, that won’t impact too badly on Working with Wood Show numbers would it?




Decisions, decisions.

2 Responses

  1. Who care about the V* Supercars since Channel 10 took them over and sold the viewing rights to Foxtel so many fans have walked….besides woodwork is more enjoyable these days…

    • Question is whether the championship is at fault (or partly), or channel 10 for selling the rights on?

      I was disappointed when the Formula 1 was moved to Foxtel, and ended up paying for the extra package (and the HD package) because of it.

      I only found out today that the V8s had also been shifted over. For an Australian only championship, that is pretty crap. (Shortsighted, selfish, and patently stupid).

      I am enjoying ad-free Formula 1, and getting it all live again, including all the practices etc etc, and in HD. Not something we have had since One got watered down and turned into yet another average channel instead of its original premise. We had actually given up the Foxtel Sports package when One originally launched, it was that good. Now, just another joke.

      Time will tell how much the V8 Supercars will suffer from the move to pay TV. I expect a lot, but it will take some time, and they will revise the decision, of that I have no doubt. The brand will suffer though, as it has over time by the poor decisions of CAMS, by the loss of car manufacturing in Australia, and the reintroduction of other car brands.

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