The Karate Kid of Sharpening Systems

wax on wax offWax on, Wax off

There are so many sharpening systems out there, it can be rather daunting.  Powered or unpowered, hollow grind or flat, single bevel or secondary micro-bevel, oil, water or dry, friable or fixed surface, open or closed grit, wax on or wax off.

I’ve come across another system recently, which has an interesting take on the process.  It is the Precision Sharpening System from M Power.


It is based on diamond stones, and has two fixed angles 25° as a primary angle, and 30° as a secondary angle (such as for a microbevel).  The stones are exceptionally easy to change, held in place magnetically.  There are grits from 100 through to 1000 available (with the unit coming with a 220 grit and a 450 grit stone).

Where the system is somewhat different, is the direction of sharpening.  Most systems have the grinding direction in line with the chisel, where the PSS works perpendicular to the blade.  Secondly, most systems have the stone (grinding surface) stationary, and the blade is bought into contact and moved against the abrasive.  The PSS has the tool stationary, and instead the stone is bought to the tool, back and forth, creating a flat grind.

PSS1-Sharpen-small-chisel-484It is an interesting grinding direction.  Takes a little getting used to, but I can’t see that there is any particular disadvantage to the resulting tool edge.

The carriage is captive in the base, but has a bit of movement, which allows the sharpening surface to float fully on the tool. You can then apply as little or as much pressure as you like or need.

The body of the sharpener is best secured down, and there is a hole and screw made available for just that.


The system has a particular distinct advantage – speed of setup.  There is no jig that needs to be set up, or clamped to the blade.  The tool is placed on the flat bed, held against the lip at the side to keep it perpendicular to the sharpening stone, and a few swipes and you are done.

Remove the stone carriage, flick it around and a few swipes for a micro-bevel.  Change stones in seconds to move between grades.  It will not take every type of blade, but anything straight, such as a chisel or plane blade up to 2.5″ wide is no problem (3mm to 64mm).  The ease of setup and repeatability means regular, quick touchups are no problem, and you may find you use it more regularly given the ease of use.  With the result being continually, satisfyingly, sharp blades.

Available (in Oz) from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.



2 Responses

  1. Hi Stu
    Have you used it?? Ive got one few weeks ago…
    Personal observation…
    Pro: Very quick setup… and as advertised… easy change of diamond plates and position of tools to be sharpened is very easy and quick… It has uniform angle which is easy to maintain..
    Con: the handle is not really ergonomic..or I’m not using it right… 🙂
    The way I use it is tool is in my left hand pointing towards right… So I’m sliding the sharpener toward and away from myself… seems like doing it this way is not what they have expected as sharp ends of the handle dig into my hand after a while….

    I’ve bought additional diamond plates.. the whole kit…
    Even with the coarsest one (100 grit), if the tool doesn’t have proper angle.. it is very slow in removing material… so my guess is that the sharpener is best suited for maintenance sharpening rather than creating of sharpening angle and such.
    Asyway sharpener does as advertised… it creates accurate angle for chisels and given enough time will provide satisfactory result.. but highly recommend if user needs to remove excessive amount of material to create proper angle to use some quicker method first and then fine hone it with this sharpener…

    • Certainly have used it. Used it to bring one of my chisels from dead useless to a functional sharpness. I don’t have the coarsest stone, and still found the one it came with almost too aggressive. (As in how quickly it cut).

      Not to refute your experience, but that doesn’t reflect mine. Perhaps the quailty of the steel I was sharpening wasn’t the same as yours.

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