I’ve been doing some prelim work on the CNC for a new board game being developed called DamBeavers!

It will be marketed through Kickstarter

I’m probably going to be producing the game pieces for the deluxe editions, cut from 32mm marine ply.

To try out the design, I used some 3mm MDF.  Certainly could get more yield from the sheet if needed, but for a one-off job, this produces all the game pieces needed, and then some.


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  1. Hi Stuart, how long did the cutting take, and what cutter did you use?

    • Hi John,

      Cutting took 20 mins, at 60mm/sec. Total depth of cut: 4mm in a single pass, using a 1/8″ solid carbide compression router bit. Rotary speed is not known, I currently do not have control over it. Been told it is 12000RPM, but I feel it is a bit less from experience. Ramped entry into the board over 5mm, with two full thickness 5mm wide tabs per unit.

      With control over bit rotational speed, I could easily run it at 80-100mm/sec with the extra chip clearance.

      > >

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