I’ve been doing some prelim work on the CNC for a new board game being developed called DamBeavers!

It will be marketed through Kickstarter

I’m probably going to be producing the game pieces for the deluxe editions, cut from 32mm marine ply.

To try out the design, I used some 3mm MDF.  Certainly could get more yield from the sheet if needed, but for a one-off job, this produces all the game pieces needed, and then some.


For Numismatists, Notaphilists & Coin Collectors

Here is my latest project, ready for the next edition of The Shed magazine.


It is a coin storage cabinet, with spaces for 1200 individual coins, stored in acrylic trays.  It has a curved top (using kerfing) and tambour door.  By replacing a 6mm thick tray with two sheets of 3mm clear acrylic, bank notes could also be stored and displayed.

Each tray has a tab with a descriptor of the tray engraved in it, such as “Australia 50c Commemorative”, and each coin slot is sized to the specific coin that it is to house.

When the edition of The Shed comes out (soon), the article goes into detail how it was made, using both CNC and non-CNC techniques.

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