Timbecon has opened in Melbourne

Timbecon Website article.

A new store, in North Coburg apparently opened on Monday, and their first sale is this Saturday from 9-1 for everything instore (excluding some Triton, although I couldn’t find any on their website anyway).


Don’t know a great deal about Timbecon (them normally being in Western Australia) other than seeing them at the occasional wood store (and having a lot of rather bright orange machines)!

4 Responses

  1. Stu ,Timbecon have supplied the woodworking industry around Aus since 1988 with quality tools and a great range of products and very reasonable freight rates. Regards Brian.

  2. Popped in there earlier this week and picked up a couple of things. Was given the “sale” discount price even though the sale wasn’t until Sat. (Thanks guys).
    Great to have a specialist woodworking store in the Northern Suburbs…
    Looking forward to Saturday’s sale.
    Regards Robert

  3. The “new Sherwood orange” is very eye catching. A bit more red/brown orange. A bit more this century. I like it.

  4. Hi new to scroll saws. We are artists looking to cut Perspex .i saw a ss-16-E. Scroll saw for$189 from timbercon . Are they a good saw and also which blades would could be used for plastics ,any info would be appreciated cheers brian

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