Video Test

A very quick test of the new camera setup for the Torque CNC.  The idea is to have the camera able to get a good look at the scene, without interfering with primary operations.

The mount is very simple, and can be removed in moments.  I need to do a little more to really lock it down, but it is already close to being a really functional design.

DSC05756 DSC05755

It includes a zoomable light so the camera isn’t struggling, especially with the higher frame rate.  It isn’t designed for really high speed work, but it can still slow down a cut sufficiently to see the chips fly!

The Polaroid XS100 really looks the part too.  I decided it would look a lot better without the dust extraction mount, so will come up with an alternative collection at some stage.

This isn’t cutting any specific design – it was very much just a short test of the camera setup

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