Vectric produces some of the most popular software for CNC Routers and laser cutters.

One of their products is a piece of software called the PhotoVCarve, which looks to have an intriguing ability- being able to carve a photo into timber.

So with the YAS CNC 9060 (as the machine is currently called, although the Torque CNC 9060 is another potential name), and an RC 45711 Amana Tool router bit from toolstoday.com, I decided to find out what this piece of software actually did.

Carved into MDF, the image is not as clear as I was perhaps hoping, but then this is a very first attempt. With experimentation in timber choice, depth of cut and router profile, I am sure we can come up with a much clearer result.

When I first saw the result, there was almost nothing to look at, but when viewed from different angles, and different lighting conditions the image jumps right out at you!

This is a fun package to play with!


5 Responses

  1. Try using a laminated sheet of mdf and you may get a better result?

    • Thinking the same- bought one last night. However it may have to be a different finish, as the total depth of cut is between 0.5 and 1mm

  2. The paper used in the laminating process would be less than .5mm thick.

  3. Did you experiment with Australian timbers and Photovcarve? What worked well?

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