Production quantities of Centipede Sawhorses

Centipede Tool are in full retail production mode. Given how much these units expand, I wonder just how much square meterage would be able to be covered just by what is in this image?!


I’m keen to see these available down under. If they were here, how many would consider getting one?


10 Responses

  1. I would buy it in a heart beat, just what I need for breaking down sheet board with my Festool track saw

  2. I would be interested in buy the product

  3. I’m interested in buying (and have been waiting since the launch of the original campaign :-))

  4. Hi Stu, already tried to buy it from the USA direct but the postage is prohibitive. So count me please Stu. 🙂

  5. I would be interested in purchasing the centipede

  6. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands onto one of these babies… would be perfect for the house reno… 🙂

    • Hey Stu,

      How many people do you have now for the Centipede ? So far it seems to be about 5 all up thats if you want one too.

      Perhaps if we get a few more punters on board we could do a quantity purchase and all pool in our money to get them, or you could get them in and we pay you? Either way I want one of the big ones for 8 x 4 sheets break down.


      STEVE INNES Interior Concept Designer

      35 Beach Street Seaholme Victoria 3018

      T: 03 9255 5957 M: 0418 807 808 E:


      • Quantites slowly building. I’m planning on expanding the expressions of interest to the Woodworking Forum as well, then seeing the best way forward (working directly with the company, or through a longer term arrangement such as demonstrating to one of the existing retailers that there is sufficient justification to become involved).

        Either way, I’m not looking for a profit margin for me here, nor do I need one as I already have one of each size (as can be seen in my video from about mid 2014). I would just like to see them available to the Australian market.

  7. Stu,

    I’d grab one. I already have a Walko, which is great, but this would brilliant give the portability.

  8. Yep I’d grab one would be handy as

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