The danger of the internet (and YouTube)

Disclaimer before I begin: this is one of the stupidest, most dangerous builds I have seen in a long time. I am only referencing the video because of that, not because it has any merit whatsoever.

This person’s channel has about 24000 followers. My YouTube channel currently has about 400 (I haven’t tried promoting my videos on YouTube at all, perhaps this is an example of why not).

What is perhaps the most shocking of all, is the massive number of comments, all complementing the build, and wanting to emulate/duplicate it.

Even those concerned with the safety aspects have missed the fundamental safety issues with the design.

Want to learn how to remove one’s hand? Watch how the ‘saw’ is used at the end. Sadly, the person shows some skill with the build, further disguising the fact for the unaware just how dangerous the device is that has been created.

24000 followers. And the video has been watched 840000 times.

How many of these have become candidates for the Darwin Awards?

Saw Slider


Another early look at the recently-released SawStop sliding table upgrade. Available in the US now, it will be in Australia Feb 2015.

Not sure of price yet.

That is a lot of range for a sliding table!

An Engineering Truth


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