The Mint

Been away for a week or so, visiting Canberra fwiw.  Been a good trip with the family, which is why it has been quiet around here.

While visiting the Royal Australian Mint (and seeing all the coins being made), happened to notice their air filtration system.  Look familiar?


Suspended in the workshop area (where all the dies are made, as well as any other component they need) are not one, but two of the larger Carbatec air filtration units.



A drum full of $2 coins – about $500,000 worth apparently.

mint-3Titan – the coin tipping robot.  Its job is to pick up drums of coins, or their blanks, and tip it into the hopper above.  The robot weighs 4.6 tonne, and is one of the world’s most powerful robots, capable of lifting and maneuvering 1000kg at a time (equal to that of the current record holder).


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