Pencil Sharpening

Most Oz woodworkers would have discovered Carbatec (and if not, well, probably worth a look). They are, of course, well associated with sawdust and wood shavings, but what is appearing on the clean carpet floor of the corporate office is a different type of wood shaving- pencil shavings.

No, they are not coming out with a new product line of pencils (at least as far as I know!), these pencil shavings are simply being generated from the pencils they have been sharpening in preparation for the Melbourne Working with Wood show in a few short weeks.

Specifically, from what a little bird has told me, the show will reveal a drop in the price of their Powermatic range of machines.

So if your workshop is craving some mustard-yellow machinery (and let’s face it, we’d all like some!) this would be good step in the right direction. And with the Australian dollar falling against the greenback, it will probably be quite a while ’till we see lowered machinery prices.

Anything tickle your fancy, like the 3HP dust extractor……


Or the quite magnificent 4224B lathe?


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  1. All the above…..Please

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