With a little more time, and some minor changes to the layout once the dust extractor was relocated to the mezzanine, the dust extraction ducting was finished.

At least the first stage!

Stage 1 – connect up a functional dust extraction run from each of the main machines to the dust extractor, with blast gates isolating each machine.

Further work to be done as time, energy and motivation permits:

Modify base of dust extractor so it fits properly in the available space.  This may also involve shortening the legs by a couple of inches to assist with clearances (to be assessed).

Capture dust from the tablesaw dust guard.

Improve (straighten) path from thicknesser to vertical ducting.

Break into existing ducting to add a run towards the wood turning area.  Includes a pickup from the bench for the bench-mounted tools, and a quick coupling connector for the superflex hosing for cleanups.

Set up extraction as appropriate from the lathes.

Increase diameter of trunking from the dust extractor along the main run to 6″

Add a cyclone separator if possible.

The Super Dust Deputy is $US239, or $A626 for the metal version.

snapz-pro-xscreensnapz001Alternately, the latest version has a standard size, or an XL size for larger HP extractors.

Not sure if and when they will be available in Oz, but they cost $US239 for the XL version, and $US169 for the standard version. It will be interesting to see how the price compares.


7 Responses

  1. Poly-carb version available in Aus from Welshpool, W.A. Jason posts immediately and you will be surprised at the price on Ebay.

  2. Sorry Stu, cyclone from $199.00 regards Brian

    • Thanks Brian. Is an interesting cyclone, and priced reasonably. In saying that, they are surprisingly like the Oneida model – wonder how he can make such a similar design?

  3. Stu,

    Can you explain how you convert from the size of PVC Storm Water Pipe to the sizes used in Flexible Woodwork Ducting ? I’ve tried a fewsolutions and so far have never managed to get an airtight fit.



  4. Stu, I have just gone through the process of adding a cyclone to my old 2hp, one stage dust extractor. I originally had it set up like the picture you have above, side by side. I lost too much airflow. I have spent the last few days building a rig and mounting the fan directly above the cyclone with the filter mounted to the side. All short straight connections and far greater airflow. Cheers Calum.

  5. I have had the Oneida Metal Super Dust Deputy hooked up to a 2 HP Carbatec dust extractor and using the Carbatec clear ducting system… works like a dream… hardly any dust in the workshop…Just got to remember to close the blast gates.. only works with one machine at a time…

  6. I made my own from an old garbage can that I cut up and formed into a cone. Works a treat, cost next to nothing.

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