Triton WX7

At the IWF in the USA, the new Triton workcentre has finally been seen in the wild.

I have the catalogue for 2015 around here somewhere, but it is always better to see a product in action.

The original replacement for the Workcentre 2000 (which this is based on) was originally slated to come out around 2004 or 5 or so.  So about 10 years or so late?  Is it too late, with all the cheap cast iron topped tablesaws now available for a comparable price, or is there something here that appeals over a fixed platform?

5 Responses

  1. Looks good. If the pricing in Aus is close to the US pricing, it would be better value than the current version. Must think about listing mine on Gumtree!

  2. 1. Any idea of a release date for Aust. 2. Pricing? Probably cheaper to buy from overseas. I was about to buy the 2000, but it seems the wait will be wort it.

    • Early 2015. Not sure of price, but very comparable to the WC2000.

      Has different drop-in motors, depending on need. It is the upgrade Triton should have done years ago.

  3. G’day stu did you hear that Gordon got dropped all that knowledge phhhttt in one fell swoop shortsighted accountants.

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