Jamie & Adam

The weekend was just yesterday…wasn’t it? No idea where time is flying to.

Went to see a certain two mythbusters on Sunday – pretty cool, especially for a mythbuster’s fan.


Conveniently, it was at Jeff’s Shed, so also dropped into the Home Show, and caught up with Proskill who had a stand there, and their latest gear. They now sell the Mascot range, which you may have seen on “The Block”, or their tug of war challenge

Even the cynical (which I am usually), would find that unusually convincing. Not unlike an advertising strategy from about the 80s for Canterbury rugby jerseys.

Picked up a jacket, good for carpenters etc, as shavings and sawdust don’t stick, the sleeves tape up (velcro), and it zips right to the neck. Great as a turning jacket especially in a cold shed!


And a few other bits’n’pieces!

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  1. Wifey bought me pair of mascot pants with knee inserts as a present… Best piece of work wear I ever had. Before I put them on I thought they are a bit heavy.. but once on.. don’t even feel them.. spacey and comfortable.. Inserts do their job very well… actually that well that few times I’ve knelled straight onto screw or nail and didn’t even feel it..
    And pockets!!! Yeah.. was putting screws into them and all sorts of stuff for almost a year now.. and barely any damage to them..
    So highly recommended to anyone doing any sort of work either as a tradie or as DIY..

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