Own Goal

Had a plan today- test out some improvements to the video setup for the shed (lighting, cameras and sound), then get a video in the can.

Started with the lights – a couple of theatre lights I have, set on stands and providing what looks to be good, even light to the scene. Check.

Next, spent quite a bit of time working on the sound. Tried a few mics I had kicking around, and couldn’t get them working- not sure why- not my area of expertise. However, the remainder still provided a good collection. On the video camera, a reasonable XY mic so that at least the primary video has a reasonable sound track attached.

Next, a boundary mic feeding into a small Behringer mixer on one channel, and a wireless lavalier mic feeding into a second channel.


Camera 1 is the standard solid state video camera, with the mic discussed above. Set to a wide angle to get in the whole scene.
Camera 2 is an SLR with telephoto lens, set close-up on the working area (with SLRs these days able to shoot HD video). The output from the Behringer mixer is plugged into this camera.
Camera 3 is the GoPro, stuck to an overhead beam providing a top- down view of the work area.

Camera 4 (& 5?) are still to come. Primarily a second SLR, able to take another lens from my range, either stationary providing a different perspective, or on a powered slider (which is currently on its way from the US). If there is a 5th, it will be something like another GoPro. The second SLR is being funded by a few things I am selling, such as the last of my old dive gear. Didn’t get as much as I was hoping, but that is always the risk of eBay. Hopefully a few other sales will cover the second body cost.

So then it was onto the tools. I haven’t used the Festool OF 1400 since I had a short play with one years ago, but I was impressed at the time, and have been keen to add one to the lineup. It is great for handheld work, so I finally bit the bullet, and had Ideal Tools send one through. It is as nice to use as I remembered.


Finally, all ready to go, lights, camera, sound, action, and snap. The router bit I was going to film broke while routing through a meer 2mm of MDF.

Dang it!!!


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