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Stu’s Shed is officially 7 years old!


Since my old DSLR failed a few years ago, and I upgraded the body, I have put up with (once again) not having a flash.  It has gotten to the point that I needed to get a replacement, and one that was again fully compatible with the current (and hopefully this time) future camera bodies.

Once upon a time, you could buy a camera (AF SLR), and have the accessories compatible with future models for years.  Now, you are lucky if they last one one model to the next.



Took a couple of quick photos in the shed to see how the new unit performed.  The first without the flash, the second with (and bounce).



Will take a bit to work out the idiosyncrasies, but it could be interesting, and hopefully result in an overall better outcome.

ManSpace 12


Next issue is out (number 12 if anyone is keeping count).

I’ve lost track of what episode ManSpace TV is up to, but it is travelling well.

I have a couple of articles in this one- one on part 2 of the 3 part feature on building a shed, and a short one on bending timber with kerfing.

Blast from the Past

Came across the Torque Workcentre segment I did on Cool Tools in Denver a few years back.

Those were the days!

Stu & Jess’ Shed .com

Spent much of the day in the workshop, finishing off the kitchen I gave Jessica 18 months ago. Nothing like promptly getting jobs done!

Edges were rounded over using the Festool laminate trimmer (OFK500) I bought for the task 17 months ago. Sides were sanded, and the big (outstanding) job tackled- remaking the wooden hinges for the cupboard door that had broken while carrying the unit into the house for that Christmas all those months ago.

The door, finally attached, and it was onto giving both units (sink & oven) an oil (Danish). Took a lot – lots of surfaces! I really need to prefinish more!

However, despite the long list, I didn’t do it all myself. For almost 5 hours, Jess was a constant companion, and helper. She oiled one entire unit, and sanded much of it as well with the ETS150/5. And had a ball doing it. It was her suggestion that the shed needed the name alteration!

I’ve created a monster! (Awesome!!)

Woodworking inspiring the next generation.



For those just interested in wanton destruction!

Episode 104 Stop the Saw!


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