Blast from the Past

Came across the Torque Workcentre segment I did on Cool Tools in Denver a few years back.

Those were the days!

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Spent much of the day in the workshop, finishing off the kitchen I gave Jessica 18 months ago. Nothing like promptly getting jobs done!

Edges were rounded over using the Festool laminate trimmer (OFK500) I bought for the task 17 months ago. Sides were sanded, and the big (outstanding) job tackled- remaking the wooden hinges for the cupboard door that had broken while carrying the unit into the house for that Christmas all those months ago.

The door, finally attached, and it was onto giving both units (sink & oven) an oil (Danish). Took a lot – lots of surfaces! I really need to prefinish more!

However, despite the long list, I didn’t do it all myself. For almost 5 hours, Jess was a constant companion, and helper. She oiled one entire unit, and sanded much of it as well with the ETS150/5. And had a ball doing it. It was her suggestion that the shed needed the name alteration!

I’ve created a monster! (Awesome!!)

Woodworking inspiring the next generation.



For those just interested in wanton destruction!

Episode 104 Stop the Saw!


Episode 103 Shed Tour

Finally!  A tour of the shed, warts and all.  It is still a work in progress, but I guess, it will always be somewhat of a work in progress!

Kreg Foreman

Rather impressive! Wondering about the price, and availability down under, but it looks pretty cool!


All I’m going to say, is the steak was AWESOME!

Go! 7:30, Monday night.


Episode 102 Centipede Sawhorse

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Do you wanna build a wood box?
Come on, let’s cut a dovetail!
You don’t even need a saw
Head to the shed door
There’s a jig does does it all

We used to be confused and stressed
And now we’re not
I can tell you why!

Do you wanna build a wood box?
It doesn’t have to be a wood box…

Do you wanna build a wood box?
Or make some drawers?
I think some insight is overdue
I’ve started taking to
Cutting dovetails for them all

It becomes so easy
Just routing the pins and tails


Do you wanna cut a dovetail?

For long time readers of Stu’s Shed, it is no surprise that I am a big fan of the Gifkins Dovetail jig, and not because it is Australian made.

My position on the Gifkins has been formed both from a long experience with the jig, and by my experiences with other dovetail jigs (and more broadly, my attempts to cut dovetails!)

I’ve tried Leigh, Jet, Gifkins and Incra systems for cutting dovetails, and although each produce dovetail joints, (most) as accurately and as tight as you’d like, only the Gifkins is so intuitive that you can pick it up 12 months later, and still work out how to use it, without referring to the manual (let alone in intimate detail).

For a long time, I have been using the standard jig, which can cut dovetails up to about 300mm long, but it is the jumbo dovetail that is of particular note.  It can cut dovetails up to 480mm, which pushes it into a different league, and allows the creation of boxes, the size of blanket boxes, or tool chests.

The templates for the jumbo series have been modified, with an increase of 10mm or so between pins compared to the standard jig, which is to give a more handcut look to the spacing.  Depending on the template in use, the Gifkins can handle stock thicknesses from 4mm through to 22mm.  (H templates are 4mm to 10mm, A series are 7mm to 13mm and B series are 14mm to 22mm).

I demonstrated the jig again today, and within a few minutes, we had a perfectly tight dovetail joint – it is that easy.

If you are wanting to produce some dovetail joints, and either don’t know where to begin, or which jig to choose, the Gifkins is definitely worth serious consideration.


One down, one to go

Sold the Torque Workcentre (Router Master) today, which is a good step (goes towards paying for some of the shed electrical installation!), so just have the tablesaw to go.

And I do need it to go – it is taking up precious space, as much as it is a reluctant sale.  (I really do like the TS10L).  However, it is what it is.

Hopefully as a bit of encouragement, I have taken 10% off the asking price, and set it to a very round $2000. See here for more details.

Photo 6-06-2014 17 32 31

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