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  1. I have been sorta looking for 3 years found some at carbatec brisbane a while ago for $1900 as this was 3 times the us price I didnt buy also an earlier model steel construction.

    • This is brand new, only released by Kreg today. Consumer model, not those professional shop version Carbatec had. Very curious what the price will be when translated to the local market.

  2. Carbatec have them. I bought one a year ago. They run off compressed air.

    • Sorry to disagree, but what you have is Kreg’s commercial product. The Kreg Foreman was released (by Kreg) 9 June 2014 – it cannot have been purchased a year ago!

      • Correct Stuart. The reason Carbatec had the compressed air version was because of the 240 110 volt thing that plagues internet purchases. I think mine cost $1,500 and is a very robust unit that is super quick to use. Viewing the image on my phone was hard to see it was not the same model as mine.

  3. Retail is going to be US$399 or so. I found that buried on the Kreg site somewhere earlier today.

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