Not a shout, nor a whisper, but a hum(mer)

Still a project in my future (so this is not something I have made….yet!)  I now have the plans for the Hummer, from Professional Woodworkers Supplies (PWS)

PATTERN97Can’t wait to get into it!  The model looks to be a pretty decent size too.  Looks pretty complicated, so imagine it will take some effort to get it right.  There will certainly be a lot more on these plans (and this project) when I get into it.

While some of the cuts may be possible on my standard machines, being able to make a cut with minimum kert will be a real benefit too.

PWS are getting into thin-kerf sawblades and mitre boxes, and that looks particularly suited to toy and model making, especially when dealing with small components.


3 Responses

  1. That would be an awesome project.

  2. That looks like it has been made from chocolate using a 3d printer.
    john f

  3. It’s a big step from a SawStop to a handsaw and a mitre box 🙂

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