Shed calling Stu, Shed calling Stu

I’m hearing ya, just can’t do a thing about it this week. Finding 5 minutes to rub together, let alone get to see the shed (or post here) is proving a challenge. My work-shed balance is all outta whack.

So what’s been happening?

Total Tools just had their latest trade evening- was tempted by a few things, but escaped after getting one of their hot roast pork rolls. With 20% off across the store, it was particularly tempting. Sale runs through this weekend.

Carbatec are finishing up their 10% off storewide sale for the month of May – last chance Friday/Saturday to make use of that.

Been having a quick play with a new tool that just arrived- the centipede sawhorse – a lot more on that shortly! Needless to say, it is as cool as I was hoping, and will be as genuinely useful as it appeared, for large sheet goods breakdown, as a temporary table/workbench, on location etc etc. looking forward to giving it a real go shortly.


I don’t remember when I first heard about/saw images of the Centipede, but I know they had a couple of crowdfunding campaigns recently. Thankfully, they have gotten the product to market, and I really hope to see it take off.

Other than that, it has been all work and no play. But I’m hoping to turn that around: I have some fun projects on the horizon, including demonstrating the capabilities of the SawStop. One sausage is ready to go into harm’s way!

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