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  1. too contrived, too many posers, great shed… err.. ok not really, sorry stu, was very boring, could I take your tower?, omg.

  2. It wasn’t at all what I expected; won’t bother watching again.

  3. I have to agree with you Rod, a bit disappointing. I would like to raise the following points 🙂
    1/ The security was a bit slack, the place was half full of sheila’s
    2/ They even had a sheila on one of the panels!
    3/ I thought the main reason for a Man’s space was to get away from the opposite gender
    4/ Why was one topic about half the country living in sin?

  4. Absolutely awful. I gave up after about 15 minutes. Won’t be watching any further episodes.

  5. Ah well, to each his own 🙂
    Wonder what the first episodes of Top Gear looked like?

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